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when you're ready, we're ready

The SLS Difference

We are ready to work for you – more than just words, at SLS it is a mindset.  Being ready means being accessible, reliable and prepared to best support our client partners and employees.  

Being ready means that you can always pick up the phone and speak to a knowledgeable professional, whether it is regarding a missing timesheet or an effective strategy to recruit machine operators in a difficult candidate market – we have you covered. 

Being ready means that you will have dependable warehouse or manufacturing support when and where you need it, and it means that you are working with a trusted partner who always has you covered in case the unexpected, happens.  You can rest easy knowing that SLS is always working for you.


Strategic Labor Solutuons Inc specializes in manufacturing and industrial labor solutions, offering services to fit your specific needs and to ensure that your facility is staffed at optimal levels- to help attain peak productivity. SLS is committed to reducing your risk and ensuring compliance with government regulations. We are on reducing risk by offering industry-leading insurance coverage.

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.


How it Works

The SLS team specializes in providing outstanding customer service by focusing on meeting your labor requirements on a daily and weekly basis in an accurate and timely fashion while ensuring that best practices and procedures are followed every time.  

Our process starts with a Discovery Meeting so that we can learn about you, your business, and your staffing needs. From there, we'll schedule a site survey and put together an implementation and onboarding plan. This ensures that our solutions are tailor-made to fit your business.

Our comprehensive hiring process is second to none and allow us to provide world-class light industrial staffing.

When sourcing a candidate for your specific need, we first search our robust database of temporary workers for immediately available temporary employees.  When it is necessary to go outside of the database, we utilize a variety of recruiting sources with a focus on our client’s local area, including, but not limited to, employee referrals, community centers, local colleges, unemployment offices, advertising, newspapers, radio, as well as online resume databases, social media, and postings.

SLS office locations include Aurora, Roselle, and Buffalo Grove in addition to various client onsite locations which we utilize to recruit and interview.


Managed Services

When you're ready, we're ready

Have you ever noticed that things labeled "one size fits all" never seem to fit quite right? The same is true in our industry - which is why SLS' services have always been highly customizable. SLS will work with you and your organization to ensure that your contingent staffing services are provided in a manner that best suits your organization’s unique needs.


In addition to providing highly qualified manufacturing and industrial workers, SLS offers a full portfolio of specialized service offerings. 


Click on the headers below to learn more about our specialized service offerings: 


Let's work together

You deserve a true partner; one who treats your challenges and opportunities as their own.  SLS is that partner, ready to stand with you from strategic workforce planning to ensure your non-employee workforce is full and complete and getting the job done right! 

Why partner with SLS?
  • Dependable candidates, screened and vetted before the assignment starts

  • Superior benefits for workers beyond the basic insurance

  • A partner focused on reducing risk by offering industry-leading insurance coverage

  • A disciplined talent acquisition and workflow management process

  • A value-add partner that takes contingent workforce management to the next level

Still have questions? Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about working with SLS on our FAQ page or Contact Us directly! We're always happy to answer your questions. 

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