The SLS, Inc. Difference

We're Ready to Work For You.

But what does it mean to be truly "ready"? At SLS, it means that every worker provided to your organization will be guaranteed by our Work-Ready Promise - which ensures that your workers will all be...

  • E-Verified prior to starting work with you
  • Fully documented, including I-9's, in our offices prior to starting an assignment with you
  • Thoroughly interviewed and pre-screened in our offices
  • Orientated as to the particulars of your environment and your job requirements

Being ready also means being available whenever you need us. We understand that your business can't operate on a 9-5 basis - so neither do we. With extended office hours, 24/7 access to our extensive candidate database (which allows us to fill your requisitions not only quickly, but with the best qualified candidates), and recruiters and a client services team who are on-call whenever you need them, SLS, Inc.'s doors are never closed where its clients are concerned.

The Work-Ready Guarantee, 24/7 service, and exceptionally efficient turnaround - that's the SLS, Inc. Difference.